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Our Story

The Borneo Pantry was, as the title suggests, established in Brunei, Borneo in 2011. Catering at first for family and friends, the fan base grew, supplying Expats who were missing their store cupboard staple. Since arriving back on UK soil in 2015 the Pantry has gone from strength to strength, more recently being awarded a Great Taste Award Gold Star for our Christmas Chutney in 2020 which follows on from a gold star being awarded in 2018 for the  Proper Piccalilli and another in 2017 for the very unusual and unique Pickled Watermelon. 

A photo of the family business members

Team Borneo Pantry

A day in the van for me today. Isnt it f

Helen McGuire

Born into a family of bakers and with Catering School education Helen ditched her career and followed her passion of cooking when the opportunity arose whilst living in Borneo in 2011.

On arriving back to the UK in late 2015 she decided that there was no going back and set The Borneo Pantry up fulltime. Now with a dedicated commercial kitchen based in Cowes on the Isle of Wight Helen is the chief chutney stirrer and pot washer.


Kristian McGuire

Kris has honed his gazebo erection skills over the years and can now assemble the outdoor sales pitch within minutes. He is charged with being the quality control executive for all new products and he isn't shy in his opinion.


Ewan McGuire

Ewan is slowly moving up the Borneo Pantry corporate ladder. He can often be found at events, keeping stock levels up and provding great customer conversation, dispersing all the information that there is to be had about all the different products.


Cammy McGuire

He ouzes cuteness and cheekiness all in one go, but being honest his contribution at events is limited to that of taste testing the nearby bakery and fudge stands.